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    I'm totally thrilled at having found and joined this amazing board! :)

    Just in case some of you wonder: Yes, I'm in fact a girl and what has led me here is indeed my keen interest in watching and collecting aesthetic and workmanlike neat nude photos and videos of beautiful young women.

    My favorite type of model: All healty and well-groomed, feminine and natural beauties, age teen through milf
    My special turn-ons in pics/vids: Complete nudity, open legs, masturbation using her fingers, lesbian kissing, cuddling and so on
    My special turn-offs in pics/vids: All exalted stuff (such as diffuse lightning, colorations and stuff), when the model does not lose all her clothes and shoes in a photo set/video, body modifications (except pierced earlobes and small tattoos), sex toys (God gave us humans ten fingers, a pair of lips and a tongue - see my point?)
    If you have any questions about me, don't hesitate to ask! :cool:

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