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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by WillSmith, Oct 27, 2017.

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    Hi Yall,

    Exposed Cuties here. I have been collecting pictures for the past several years and before I decided to one day put my external HDD in a box and never open it again I figured I should share some of my wins with the community. I have always been a lurker, clicking links and just downloading, but it's about time I share some of the wins I've gotten, and some of the sets from back in the day that are hard to get a hold of.

    I have a wordpressblog ill also be posting to, but I will be trying to update on here as much as I can. Stay tuned for my first post comming up shortly. Who likes Latinas?? Just uploading the files now.
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    Hi San,

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes I took a look at them last night. I had to switch my ImageHoster so it would work with one of the ones on your pre-approved list. I submitted my first post last night. Just waiting for it to get approved :)

    Ps. I have loads of amateur College girls, A lot of OC ;)
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